To the east: Enschede city

If you are visiting the Netherlands, and you are in for exploring a couple of other parts of the country than only the famous ones such as Amsterdam, then this blog is for you! Where lots of tourists will focus on the west of the Netherlands, a visit to the eastern cities might be a pleasant surprise. Therefore in this blog I take you to Enschede. (try to pronounce that correctly, it will be fun, don’t give up too quickly!).

Why Enschede?
Enschede is a middle large city in the east of the Netherlands. Travel more eastern and you will find yourself in Germany. On the contrary, if you happen to find yourself in Germany, and would like to get an impression of Dutch culture, Enschede probably is the city most nearby! The city has a nice historical city centre with lots of cafe’s and restaurants where you can go for a coffee, lunch, dinner or spend a night out. In the next picture you can see a view on the ‘Oude Markt’ seen from one of the cafe’s of this place. Fun fact: one of the cafe’s you can find underground! However, according to my sister it is fun to visit once, but it smells funny. Reason for visiting it quickly, so you can check if my sister is right!

Enschede oude markt

Oude Markt

Not only Amsterdam has a ‘Rijksmuseum’ but in fact, several places in The Netherlands have one, just as Enschede! The exposition consists of a mixture of modern en historical art. For more information about current expositions and opening hours, visit the website here.

Last but not least
Finally, I think Enschede has a different atmosphere than the cities in the west of the Netherlands. Also it is a city with a large university, which involves a dynamic student life. Have you become curious? One last thing: citizens of Enschede drink another brand of beer. Enschede is the home of the beer brand Grolsch! I know, again a word which is difficult to pronouce, the word ‘beer’ will be fair enough to order one though! You can visit the factory for a tour to see how this beer is brewed. Visit the website here!